Kids will jump for joy when you add this Bungee Jumper to your school's, recreational facility's or community center's equipment closet. It is located on the Bloukrans in the Western Cape province of the country. Required fields are marked *. Bungee jumping off the world’s highest suspension bridge is a unique experience altogether. In this place we work Swing jumping (Pendl 4D jump, Kienes jumping, Pendullum jumping) too. You will be jumping from 20 meters high, with a flight of 10 meters, approximately. The stretchy tubing and soft handle help keep little athletes up off the ground as they hop from place to place. This location is another that presents the wild side of Europe. Availability: Open daily from 18th July to 14th … One of the world’s most trusted outfitters, AJ Hackett, manages this facility. This bungee location is currently leased to Trekking Team which offers a number of different jump types with the best of gear. The bridge forms part of the Araniko highway that runs over the Bothe-Kosi River. Europabrücke, Österreich. They were successful in this endeavor. Another extreme bungee jump that adventure-seekers can tick off their list is located in Austria. Information and Reservations: Contra Dam (Verzasca), Ticino, Switzerland. Several other activities take place atop this bridge on the Navizence River such as the Giant Swing where the drop is an arc rather than a free fall. BUNGY JUMP SCHEVENINGEN Welcome to the one and only Bungy Jump Center in the Netherlands!! O tanara olandeza a murit, marti, in timp ce facea bungee jumping de pe un pod, in apropiere de orasul Santander, nordul Spaniei. They seek out the wildest, highest, and most danger-prone jumps to satiate their third for thrills. Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme sports in the world that can be done without training. If activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are too regular for you, the Alps also offer some of the most thrilling bungee jumps spots in the world. Image by Rasti Tkac (Flickr/Creative Commons) The world’s most famous bungee jump became famous after appearing in the opening sequence of the James Bond film GoldenEye (1995). An arch dam in Carinthia, Austria, the Kölnbrein Dam hosts the world’s seventh-highest bungee jumping facility. Your email address will not be published. The Vidraru dam in Romania is the third dam on the list of highest bungee jumps in the world. Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Itália. This dam is located in Carinthia and is one of the highest dams in Europe. This jump site is located in the state of Idaho. Other thrills like the "Giant Swing,” that is a bungee-like jump in an enormous circular loom and a zip lining facility are also available to those who seek more. 216m Sprung in die Tiefe, was ist denn da los....WER macht das denn bitte?! Personalized Bungee Jumping Ornament, Bungee Christmas Ornament, Custom Bungee Ornament, First Jump Ornament with Name, Bungee Jumper Gift OrnamentsbyElves. At the time Hackett was running a struggling ski shop, but inspired by British daredevils The Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, Hackett had begun experimenting with the adrenaline activity. The 6th on our list of highest bungee jumps in the world is from a country that already features in the top 5 of these lists, Switzerland. The bridge located in Colorado, United States was the highest bridge in the world for more than fifty years, till 2001. Europabrucke Bungee Jumping – Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping. The Bloukrans bridge is the tallest single-span bridge in the whole world and has been used for bungee jumping since the year 1990. Because the bridge is naturally shaky due to its architecture, the excitement is a notch higher. The United States of America is the third-largest country in the world has the highest bungee jump spot in the world. If you are desirous of an adventure of this kind already, then this list will help you to select the best location to fulfill your dream. It was made popular when the stunt double of James Bond in the film GoldenEye plunged off the dam in the opening sequence. However, due to the potential risk involved in adventure sports, it is always a good idea to check the credentials of the operator as well as the quality of the equipment being used. Adventure seekers must walk along the walkway to reach the highest part of the bridge’s arch. At a towering height of 370.25 m, the Balin or Balinghe Bridge is among the highest bridges in the world. At 451 metres long and 216 metres high, this stunning … Or for a spectacular present for a special person? It hosts the bungee jumping site that offers a fall of 169 m. The Niouc Bridge in Val d’Anniviers offers the lifetime experience of jumping over a deep canyon whose dark depths would boggle the minds of even the bravest. Usually, the jump is at 13:00, but if you prefer another time, just check it with us. It is the top destination in Africa for bungee jumping. It is the first of its kind in the continent to be jumped off. Once you have made the regular jump, there are some other options such as the rocket jump and bungee run. The flying time is 5 seconds. If you are a lover of this sport, find the nearest location to you and go have fun. Tourists on the Garden Route make sure they visit this bridge which is one of the tallest in the world. Few adventure experiences can beat the rush of leaping into perilous depths from great heights, nearly crashing on land below, and then bouncing back toward the sky while safely attached to a bungee cord. Höhe: 192 Meter Seit: 2002 Webseite. If regular sports such as football, cricket, and badminton do not excite you enough then you have to try more adventurous things such as scuba diving, rock climbing, and bike racing. Bungee Jumping : Experience a bungee jump from Europe's highest suspension bridge for foot passengers with a height of 94m.Strapped in securely to experience an indescribable feeling. Bungee jumping is an outdoor activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while being connected to a large elastic cord. The 777 m long Europa Bridge in the country stands over the Sill River and has the word’s fifth-highest bungee jumping facility at 198 m. The facility is managed by Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping who offer some incredible death-defying jumps over the bridge like Bungy Running and Rocket Bungy. Overcome your fears, enjoy and feel the adrenaline. The jumpers take off from a platform at the top of the tower and fall for well over 750 feet before stopping at a mere 96 feet from the ground. Do you dare and do a "crazy" Jump into the deep! To jump or not to jump - The Bereitschaftspotential required to jump into 192-meter abyss. However, this jump currently not open to the general public but it remains the highest bungee jumping spot in the world as of today. On January 12, 2019, 12 people including 6 professional bungee players and 6 bungee fans participated in the Guinness World Record Official Challenge to prove it is the world’s tallest commercial bungee facility. Made from high-rebound foam, this jumper lets children bounce around to their heart's content. It is currently operated by AJ Hackett and has specially designed equipment that prevents the rope tied to the jumper from swinging back and forth to avoid crashing into the tower. The Perrine Bridge forms part of Highway 93 and was built over the Snake Canyon River. Den fünfthöchsten Bungee Jump kann man in der Nähe von Innsbruck erleben. Über die Europabrücke haben wir schon vor zwei Wochen einen Artikel geschrieben. The newly-opened facility is found less than 200 km away from Kathmandu. From shop OrnamentsbyElves. The view of the surrounding during the 623-foot fall is entirely breathtaking. Für Mitteleuropäer ist dieser Sprung sicher einer der spektakulärsten Bungee-Möglichkeiten. Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Like in Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, jumpers have the option to plunge directly down the 720 feet along the wall of the dam and they can also try the night jump that provides them the opportunity to plunge straight into absolute darkness. The view of the surrounding during the 623-foot fall is entirely breathtaking. The exhilarating sport of bungee jumping is becoming increasingly popular in Tyrol, due to Europe Bridge’s height and the surrounding location, making the spot the perfect backdrop for bungee jump. Here, they jump off the bridge amidst stunning vistas. The jump takes place from the longest suspension bridge in Nepal and one of the longest in the world. The country where this bungee jump spot is located, Switzerland also tops the list of happiest countries in the world. Enjoy Bungee Jumping in Europabrücke (Europe Bridge), Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 216 metres. The bungee tower allows visitors to jump and drop 100 feet. Situado no oeste da Áustria, Innsbruck é famosa por sua Europabrücke (Ponte da Europa) onde ocorre bungee jumping. "I still recall my first jump," reminisces New Zealander AJ Hackett, the man who launched commercial bungee jumping 25 years ago today. The jumping opportunity highlighted here takes place from a Schonberg im Stubaital bridge, in Tyrol. Standing at a height of 224 m, the Kaligandaki River bungee jumping facility is one of three bungee jumping spots in Nepal (the other two are at Pokhara and Bhotekoshi). These are the top ten highest bungee jumps in the world. The Austrian town of Innsbruck may appear tranquil and idyllic on first appearances, and many people prefer to experience the soaring peaks and deep blue skies from the comfort of the valley. The third on the list of the highest bungee jump in the world is the Contra Dam, located in Switzerland. 5. Einfach nur gestört & mega krasses Gefühl!! Thus, bungee jumping has managed to garner a following of bungee addicts who always strive for more. We work Bungy jumping (Bungee jumping) from the highest bridge in the Czech republic near the City Karlovy Vary from the height about 180,44 ft(55 m). May 10, 2019 - The Stockhom bungy located in the Swiss Alps is one of the most breathtaking and unusual bungy sites in the world. Height: 190m. Bungy Jump Scheveningen. To jump or not to jump - The Bereitschaftspotential required to jump into 192-meter abyss. The thrill of this activity comes from the free-falling and the rebound. Fata de 17 ani a cazut in gol 40 de metri, in albia uscata a unui rau. An absolutely fascinating place for bungee jumping is the gigantic 192m high Europe Bridge! Today, it is a top destination for thrill-seekers who visit the dam to experience adrenaline rush by plunging 166 m from its bungee jumping facility. Thrill-seekers from across the globe are attracted to this venue as it has the world’s second-highest bungee jumping facility. Austria is ranked in the top 5 of the happiest countries in the world. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Top 10 Highest Bungee Jumps In The World 2020. "I had the most amazing sensation." By Oishimaya Sen Nag on August 27 2019 in Travel. 2) Macau Tower, China – (233 m/760 feet): The tallest, highest bungee jump in the world! The jump site is being run by Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping and the jump takes place at a height over 600 feet. Located at 233 m, the facility allows jumpers to pitch off the tower and free fall for over 6 seconds before the bungee cord rebounds. However, this is a jump … From this high platform, jumpers can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas as well as the beautiful river that flows underneath. The country where the Europabrücke bridge is located in Austria. It’s located on top … Hackett in addition also offers a Sky jump for those who do not want to take the plunge directly. Ever wondered what are the top 10 highest bungee jumps in the world? This spot is the second-highest bungee jumping spot in Asia after the Macau Tower in China. Bungee jumping off the world’s highest suspension bridge is a unique experience altogether. Located just off the coast of Hong Kong, the 63-story needle-like Macau Tower is home to the world’s highest bungee jump.Located in the heart of Macau, at 764 feet, it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records, differing from most by utilizing a”second-generation bungee cord,” which has a sphere shape so that bodyweight is evenly distributed throughout the jump. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Experience bungee jumping in class and enjoy the wonderful view from the bridge of Europe. PRICE: $280. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland. - Toate articolele pe tema: Bungee jumping europa Located above the canyon’s swirling Navizence River, even a walk along the high suspension bridge can demand nerves of steel, let alone the 189 m fall offered by the Bungy Niouc. A beautiful view of the surrounding area of the bridge is an added bonus for those who agree to take the step over 700 feet down. A walkway hangs below the highway that runs across the bridge. Below is a list of eight of the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping facilities. A platform that is 485 feet high was constructed to enable jumpers to plunge off the bridge and take a view of the deep canyon and also river thundering from below which altogether make jumping from this sport one of the most thrilling in the world. Tag: The Top 10 Highest Bungee Jumps In The World 2020, Your email address will not be published. Because the bridge is naturally shaky due to its architecture, the excitement is a notch higher. The blue waters, as well as the lush mountains on either side, make this jump a staple on any bungee aficionado’s list. The commercial bungee jump facility located on this bridge recently made a world record when it was marked the highest of its kind by Guinness. Price: £142. If you enjoy jumping off dams, bridges and cranes on holiday, then check out some of the best bungee locations below. When you jump you will reach the speed of 100 km/h in two seconds and a total of 120 kph/74.6 mph. Would you take on Italy’s highest bungee jump? This dam is one of the largest in the country and the jump is the highest in the country. The bungee jump is made from a height greater than one thousand feet into a gorge below and the freefall lasts for about five seconds. A series of jumps including a classic plunge, a backward jump, and even night jumps are offered to those who dare to be there. The dam, the tallest in Austria, is also a top tourist spot. It is still as of today the highest bridge in the United States. Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? A special walkway has been constructed along the arch of the bridge and the bungee jump takes place at the highest point on the arch of the bridge. 6 seconds of unadulterated freefall from … It is also famous as one of the best tourist locations in the world. It was inaugurated in the year 1979. You will need to pay a hefty $233 for just one jump, which is definitely on the expensive site. Valgadena Bridge, Vicenza, Italy. This is another bungee jumping site in Austria where the jump is off a dam wall. Another extreme bungee jump that adventure-seekers can tick off their list is located in Austria. The last location to feature on this list of the highest bungee jumps in the world is in the same country as the first. Adolescenta venise in Spania cu un grup de tineri din Olanda si Belgia, si statea intr-o tabara de surf din apropiere, relateaza BBC. This article compiles the list of the top 10 highest and most extreme bungee jumps in the world. However, if that kind of sports is unable to quench your thirst for an adrenaline rush, then Bungee Jumping is your best bet. China is famous for its extraordinary and also terrifying skywalks around the world. The Verzasca Dam bungee jump is the second highest bungee jump in the world. Bungee jumping is the active tourism activity that generates a great amount of adrenaline. The year 1995 Bond film Golden Eyeshot this location to fame and ever since then, the Contra dam has remained one of the most popular bungee jump destinations in the world. The bungee jump from the Macau Tower is the highest in Asia, and offers stunning views of the Chinese coast and Hong Kong just across the bay. The tall structure used for bungee jumping is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge, or crane; but jumping from a movable object such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter that has the ability to hover above the ground is also possible.
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