People you don’t know Speak in a friendly tone and give a brief answer to people you don’t know at all. Stand strong and answer those questions as best as you can (except for when you choose not to answer at all). How are you?” (very positive), “Good, thanks, and you?” (positive – this is the most common answer), “Fine, thanks. Happy Birthday Dad: 35+ Wonderful Birthday Wishes …, English Phrases: Thousands of Common Phrases in …, Happy Birthday Daughter: 30 Best Happy Birthday …. The answer is short and positive, even if you have had a terrible day. “Great!” “I’m doing really well, thank you,” or “Fantastic!” are all good ways to answer. They will tell the other person that you are enthusiastic and ready to work. List of 65 powerful ways …, Happy birthday daughter! You need to answer briefly, but in a positive way. “What have you been up to?” This is more often used when you sit down with someone and catch up. How specific you need to be depends on who is asking. (Say it like you’re receiving a compliment even though you are not. If you are talking to people who care about you, you can tell them that you’ve had a bad day, or that you feel tired. How are you?” (very positive) “Good, thanks, and you?” (positive – this is the most common answer) “Fine, thanks. If you are in a business situation, you might be saying hello to your boss or colleague, or meeting someone for the first time. We understand that it's basically just a longer form of "hello" and they're not actually inquiring as to your condition. For instance, if you loved to color, … List of common …, In the English language, there are many ways to say …, How to say thank you! “Awesome.” Getting better. Part of being a MUNer is thinking on your feet. And extra points if you also ask, “How are you?” in response! How to Answer How Are You. I’m good. Would you be up for talking about it with me?” 2. Meaning: Directly translated as how are you? I try to be easy going, positive, funny and smiling and etc. In this lesson, you can learn different ways to ask and answer English greetings. If you are talking to a friend, you can offer more information if they ask (and if they are your friend, they probably will!) Don’t memorise a script. When you talk about your goals in an interview, it’s important to project confidence and not question the outcome. Vote for the best comeback to how are you For example, don’t tell the cashier that you are buying medicine because your child stayed home sick from school today. But there's a big difference between these two questions and when they are asked and the response that is supposed to be given. “Oh not much” “Not too much” “Not a whole lot” If you are confused about what they are asking about: “Are you asking about this moment?” “You mean right now?” What questions do you have from today’s episode? You also might not have enough time to answer every part of the question in one speech. So when someone just asks, how are you, whether it's by chat or casually passing you by on the street or in the office, we can answer with, "Oh, yeah, I'm OK. You've certainly heard these questions, but you might be confused about how to answer. Mr. Brown: Great, great, thanks. That was, like, our first ever English lesson, right? But this can sound a little boring and dry. Why ? Being honest is ideal. Did you sleep well last night? "Good. In English conversation, when someone is greeting me like Hi, how are you? The answer is more personal, but still doesn’t give much information. Rather than just narrating a scripted answer you learned off by heart, highlight your story in a bulleted list and use the main points to craft a more conversational response. Googler Daniel Russell knows how to find the answers to questions you can't get to with a simple Google query. If you want to remember just one response, let it be ‘good’. If you smile and say “Good, thanks,” you’ve successfully answered the question. 4. Most of the time I use an online calendar because it makes sharing my calendar and work projects with others so easy. John: Not really. ""Pretty good. Learn more useful English greetings with 30 ways to say Hello. List of thousands of common phrases in …, How to Express Your Opinions in English! If you just want a simple, quick answer, this is the best. If you’re in a distant foreign country, give the name of your home country. What’s a good answer to the question, ”How are you doing?” Of course it depends who asks, but go ahead, tell us what you think is the best comeback. Read below for more specific tips on how to answer interview questions about yourself. As I do that job I'll also become more knowledgeable in the industry'. Give more details if they’re asked for. Now, when someone asks “How are you?” (or “How’s it going?” or “Wassup?”), the classic response is “I’m fine, thanks.”. Positive and energetic. Whatever the circumstances of this ubiquitous greeting, though, I feel it’s important to take it as an opportunity to practice the authentic positivity I strive for every day. If you can think of an even better comeback, then let us know! Here’s a conversation between friends: John: I’m fine, maybe a little tired. LOL) I love you. – David Schwartz Jan 29 '13 at 3:37 Let’s look at a sample: Cashier (as she checks you out): Hi, how are you today? I need some more coffee. There are so many different ways in …, List of Other Ways to Say It’s Interesting or It’s …. I’m alive. A little unexpected, but still fairly common. Mail: 2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-2484, Austin, TX 78741, Pre-Register for the Complete Go Natural English Course, How to Answer the Question “How Are You?”, 5 WORDS TO STOP USING IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR FLUENCY, A Lesson Learned – Use this Common American English Idiom and Speak Fluently like a Native, How to Pronounce Ben, Been and Bean in American English like a Native Speaker. Your answer will depend on the person who is asking, and how well you know them. With someone she trusts and wants to talk to, Natasha will say, “Actually it’s been a really tough week. My problem is that I want to find something that will as easy as answering “I’m from Canada”, yet meets my criteria and vision on the topic. I know that my career will depend first and foremost on doing well in the job I go into. Old enough to know better, but still too young to care. Your friends will probably ask you the very same question, but It might sound a little different! It’s positive, and it moves you ahead in conversation. Learn these responses the question “how are you” to improve your English speaking skill. This is a more friendly-sounding answer than "fine". After all, you want to show employers how you can put your teamwork skills to good use and how the company will benefit from them. One thing you still shouldn’t do is answer with a complete description of some medical problems you are having. Much better … Somewhere between better and best. And sometimes, I don’t particularly feel like sharing a genuine answer to that question. Informal Answers to “How Are you?” When we’re talking with close friends or family members, we’ll answer the question differently. Not bad. "How are you?" Most of the time, we use this question as a polite way to say hello, and you don’t need to say anything about how you are really feeling. If you don't say anything else, though, it might be a signal that you don't want to continue the conversation. Still, … List of other ways …, Good Job Synonym! A sample answer could be like -'I want to move forward and have a career that makes good progress. Как ты? “I am a very positive and practical person. How do we answer it? I don’t want to play psychic and riddler every time. Don’t say anything personal. I’m well. You might be shaking hands, too. The correct answer is the name of the place where you are from. There isn’t a gun in my mouth so I guess I’m doin fine, How to Say Goodbye in English! Now, what if you hear a different question? "This was an actual exchange between two students sitting at my table in the dining hall. “How are you?” is just a way of greeting someone in a polite way. However, you also want to keep the company and the specific job in mind when you answer.
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